What is Spoonfed?

Hi, this is Laura from VeganRV. As we’ve been traveling around North America in our RV, we’ve seen interest in meat-free meals growing. And we love that!

Spoonfed is a way to connect with the people in our audience that enjoy our recipes and vegan food porn and would like more.

The goal of Spoonfed will be to share what I know from being vegan for about 17 years. (!!!) But we still live in an RV so the recipes will be easy and accessible to most people.

What’s the difference between the paid & free subscription?

Free subscribers will get one newsletter per month. It’ll still be chock full of goodness.

Paid subscribers will get 3-4 additional newsletters per month. They will also have access to the full archive, even newsletters they may have missed.

Paid subscribers are also able to post comments and interact with each other. It’ll be like a small private community.

And, paid subscribers will be able to suggest topics and help drive the direction of the premium posts to answer their questions and suit their needs.

Whether you decide to join me as a free or paid subscriber, I’d love to have you!

Comments on this post are open to everyone so if you have a question, drop it below!

See you in your inbox,